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Sexual Fantasies For Women Are you ready to discover how to use seductive fantasies to 'fire up' your sex life? When you’re stimulating yourself to orgasm, when you’re first getting aroused in the presence of your partner, or while you’re having intercourse? What effect do your fantasies have on your getting aroused? And what exactly are the participants in the fantasy doing? Do they reflect a wish that your partner do something in particular with you during your love making? If you would like to know more about how to create sexual fantasies and explore the issue of whether or not you should share your sexual fantasies with other people, you could enjoy and benefit from Dr. This book in the Sensational Sex Series by Dr Janet Hall, Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapistwill help you find the answers to these questions and design your ideal fantasy life: When do you tend to have your sexual fantasies? The material has been created by Dr Jan based on her research into women's fantasies with clients in her sex therapy clinic.I’m getting excited just thinking about it.” —Kristin, 26 “I'm really surprised at how little men want to get 'rough' in bed.I really enjoy it when a man wraps his hands in all my thick, curly hair and pulls my head back, especially when he's entering me from behind.

What have your recent favourite fantasies involved? Would you like to carry out any of these fantasy activities in your real life? So, if you're serious about wanting to spark up your sex life then you need to get a copy of "Sexual Fantasies For Women” right now!

It doesn't have to be forceful, just simple, like when he pushes my hands over my head, or tells me to get on my knees.

Half of my pleasure is pleasing him.”—Erin, 29 “I wish my man was more into having food in bed with us.

That light touch all over would feel absolutely electrifying.”—Felicia, 22 “Never forget the importance of kissing…for a very long time!

Men fail to recognize what a turn-on it is for us.”—Rachel, 24 “Surprise me!

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After pulling my hair, I like it when he puts his hand on the front of my neck and pulls me into him—it’s such a turn-on! I love the idea of just totally having to surrender to another person, trusting him with your body.” —Stephanie, 25 “As sappy as this sounds, the whole petals-on-the-bed and candles-all-around thing?

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