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However, dealing with a Cancer male is not at all easy as he is prone to tremendous mood swings.Nevertheless, with a little bit of extra care and love, a Cancer guy can turn out to be the perfect recipe for a partner, he is smart, he is sophisticated, he is intelligent and above all, he is the most loving and caring!But don’t mistake this as their negative trait as they project a tough outside just to hide their gentle, kind, affectionate and vulnerable feelings, lest anyone hurts or offends them!The Dark Side If you aren’t the person who is into words of reassurance, comfort and encouragement, then getting along with a Cancer can be a tough call.It generally takes a large number of meetings to actually start judging the basic characteristic features of a Cancer male.A Cancer male may seem to be a different individual every time you meet him but don’t confuse this with the multiple personality traits of a Gemini.Sitting beside a Cancer guy, you can never seem to judge what is running is his mind or how would he react to a particular situation or person.The unpredictability of his behaviour most of the times leaves the other person confused and irritated.

Cancerian men are generally insecure and look for words of reassurance every now and then from their loved ones to feel secured and happy.

When looking for a mate, Cancer men are dazzled by powerful women.

Interestingly, women who are simple yet complex appeal to the whims and fancies of a Cancer male.

Also, if you can’t deal with mood swings then you can’t deal with Cancerians at all, for men under this zodiac sign have tremendous mood swings.

They are frowning one moment, smiling the other, laughing the next and melancholic the following.

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He is a practical person but with ideas and dreams of fairy tale romance.

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