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One of the main challenges facing director Rian Johnson is that there are so many cards in play.This isn’t just the latest instalment in a long running franchise.The film takes itself very seriously one moment and is utterly tongue in cheek the next.All the elements for a great movie are here but they’re not in quite the right balance – and balance as Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) tells Rey (Daisy Ridley), is everything.Hux knows that if he bungles his mission, he will have to answer to the evil leader Snoke (Andy Serkis under the usual layers of make-up). He represents the dark side and is supposed to be evil and mysterious.

The more earnest moments will always be leavened with slapstick or irony.Johnson has huge amounts of baggage from the first Star Wars movies to attend to as well as all the plot lines involving the newer characters.This is the last screen performance from the much loved Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.They refuse to allow the First Order fascists and their stormtroopers to snuff out the fire of resistance completely.Early on, as the action unfolds to another wonderfully rousing score by John Williams, this is space opera of the very highest order. If you enjoy fire, fury and slow-motion explosions, you’ll find plenty to relish here.

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