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This pretty Pou Girl got in an accident on Halloween! Toothless was trying to escape the vicious enemy dragons when he fell into a frozen lake and caught a flu.Help her get better so she can still celebrate Halloween and go back to her friends! He needs a special dragon treatment that only his master knows how to administrate. Baby Hazel is spending the day having fun playing with her precious pet puppy, Bruno, while her mother is busy gardening.

You are the doctor that will help Sofia heal her head injury.

But, while her mother's back was turned, Bruno excitedly chased after some...

Men in America around 50 are suffering from instantaneous heart failure, so everyone is making sure they are eating better.

Help her get better in a new and fun emergency game! The whole kingdom is very excited, for Cinderella is pregnant with twin girls!

However, giving birth to one baby is a huge job already, and delivering twins might turn out a serious problem. Spring it's a time of celebration, especially during Easter.

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