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Recommendations for influenza diagnosis and antiviral use will be published before the start of the 2010--11 influenza season.Vaccination and health-care providers should be alert to announcements of recommendation updates and should check the CDC influenza website periodically for additional information.Prevention and control of influenza: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices [ACIP]. Vaccination efforts should begin as soon as the 2010--11 seasonal influenza vaccine is available and continue through the influenza season.These recommendations also include a summary of safety data for U. These recommendations and other information are available at CDC's influenza website ( any updates or supplements that might be required during the 2010--11 influenza season also will be available at this website.

Antiviral medications are an adjunct to vaccination and are effective when administered as treatment and when used for chemoprophylaxis after an exposure to influenza virus.

The best way to assess the frequency of rare adverse events after vaccination is by controlled studies after vaccines are used widely in the population.

These studies often use electronic medical records from large linked clinical databases and medical charts of persons who are identified as having a vaccine adverse event (19--21).

In the United States, annual epidemics of influenza occur typically during the late fall through early spring.

Influenza viruses can cause disease among persons in any age group, but rates of infection are highest among children (1--3).

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