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Then they try to determine how they could try to find the water before seeing Rudy nearby, tangled up in a hose!

Rudy mentions that it'd be impossible for all of the water to escape due to overflow over the edge.

Milo asks if such a thing is really necessary, then he asks why they need to bother with an exploration.

Neither answer and Alfred instead points out the cobwebs being worn out and tattered, meaning that someone had to have messed with them to go through.

They see a weird, big rock in the center covered in mucky mud and the water is missing too!

They are all suddenly thrown into the muddy hole and the strange rock begins to talk! Before he can say anything, it's then Cynthia Payne walks by and she teases the trio about playing in the mud before she walks off.

One bag consists of sugar while the other is of salt.

Alfred tells the customers what the "energy drink" is composed of and also mentions the problem it put Lugu in.There’s no way to fully prevent leaves from falling into your pond – but the fewer that do, the better.Pond Talk: Have leaves started falling in your neck of the woods yet? Join over 60,000 fellow pond owners and receive our Weekly Pond Talk every Saturday. Natural bacteria will do a great job breaking down the fallen leaves in your pond or lake – but only when water temperatures are above 50° F. Every fall, those deciduous trees drop their colorful foliage and leave behind a headache for those who have to clean them up.

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The three of them look into the giant hole that Lugu had been stuck inside of and Alfred asks Milo to grab a nearby stone.

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