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After the in-flight refreshment was served the lights were gone dim. I was returning from a business trip last Friday and I was flying into West palm Beach from Philadelphia.The plane was late leaving such a surprise and it was overbooked.Not long after I had completed the requirements for my private pilot's license, I joined the Mile HIgh Club. I had invited my girlfriend to go on a short trip with me, for just some fun flying and sightseeing from the air. My wife and I were on a flight from Jeddah to Maldives.

The section was about half full and most of the passengers were sleeping since the lights were off.After take off I initiated some small talk and realized the she was very upset about something.She finally admitted that she recently broke up with her bf and was returning...Hubby and I joined the "mile high " club at 40,000 feet over the Pacific heading for the US.. I was flying in First Class, and I was looking through the curtain, watching people boarding. When I was in High School I was on a trip I took for teenagers. Instead I had a seat next to a girl from Milwaukee who I'd never met who was also on that trip. We were heading to Thailand on our honeymoon with my second wife.We were in business class on the upper deck of a 747.. I recognized a woman, I had met in Hong Kong a couple of weeks earlier. We had discussed trying to join the mile high club before the trip so she wore a dress to help access.

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  1. One woman yodeled while another clucked her tongue, in what seemed like a festive femininity dance. Some had the build of sumo wrestlers, others resembled tiny fairies. Their breasts and womanly figures propelled them into all sorts of torrid affairs I heard about three continents away.

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