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The first camp meeting was believed to have been held then by the Rev. Allison explained the grounds originally were owned by the Taylor family.

“It was a farm and they leased it to the Methodist church.

Although the grounds offer limited activities for younger people — a basketball court and a volleyball court — the camp attracts as many as 150 teens from ages 12-18.

We’d get up in the morning and get everything ready.

My mom would pack a lunch and we would come out and spend the day here and then get back in time to do our chores at night at home,” Allison said in the midst of the history room where photos showed camp-goers there in horse-and-buggy days as well as when automobiles first became the new mode of transportation.

Residents from throughout the valley, meanwhile, might drive back and forth day to day so service attendance in the main tabernacle can swell to 800 during week days if not 1,000 on the two Sundays.“I can remember when the tabernacle was packed and the porches all around it and people would be sitting on porches and in chairs,” Allison recalled the visual memory as a child.

Barnhouse, who like Allison has a cottage on the grounds, first came to the camp in 1952 with his father, the late Russell Barnhouse.

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