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Michael C Hall is a talented actor and season one and two.It’s confirmed that it has been picked up for a third season by Showtime, although it’s likely to be delayed by the writer’s strike.I'm not sure a happy ending was possible for her. Looking at the scene when Dexter takes her off the ventilator to make sure she has a merciful death -- do you think that's what Deb would have wanted?She would have wanted him to have the moment where he would have had to consider it, where he couldn't help himself but to get emotional about it. Hall has married co-star Jennifer Carpenter, who plays his sister on the television show, the actor’s representative said on Friday.They wed on New Year’s Eve in picturesque Big Sur, California, and she had a wedding ring linked to a bouquet, Hall’s representative Craig Bankey said in a statement.

When I've been saying that in the press, it's been for selfish reasons.

Your readers deserve an element of truth when you're talking about something that they care enough to read about. There was this setup when she and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) were finally able to set their sights on a love that existed, but I don't know what kind of peace she would have found there because Dexter always would have been in that place.

I wanted them to see the truth; I did want her to die. She always would have been making sure she was piling enough dirt on the secrets that existed with Dexter.

Although it’s still pending, Michael and Jennifer, 28, finally decided that four months of sneaking around was enough!

[From Star Magazine, print edition, January 14, 2008] I’ve only seen the first season of Dexter as I live overseas and don’t have access to the second season yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

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It took me a while to get into the show as the premise is so odd, but once I watched a couple of episodes I was hooked and my husband loves it two.

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