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Depending on what they want to extract from you, a fake Facebook friend can either seek to learn valuable information about you, such as secret data from the company you work at or , sending out spam messages and bombarding the newsfeeds of friended users with promotions messages or phishing links, like those infamous porn videos that will infect you too if you make the mistake of clicking by promising a user huge returns if he would just deposit a small sum as an initial investment.At some point, the catfisher promises to meet the victim, but in order to do that they need help for a last-minute problem such as visa processing fees, an inheritance stuck in customs, an unexpected bankruptcy and so on.But it’s all a ruse, just so the catfisher can manipulate the love-blind victim into giving up their money.But catfishers also target regular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.All of these money scams work in pretty much the same way: create a fake profile, crawl the social network for vulnerable users, earn their trust and ask for money. A scammer creates a fake social media profile, often times a Facebook one, where he pretends to be a sales representative, bank employee or other similar position.

is a well-known Internet scam, where a catfisher creates a fake online profile in order to seduce a victim into a fictitious online relationship, in order to extract money or other benefits from the victim.

However, some Linked In scammers simply hire you for a few weeks, only to fire you a few days before your first paycheck.

Usually, these fake job offers promise you to the opportunity to work from home, and even come with a sizeable salary package.

However, this category of “other people” includes persons you would never want to meet: scammers, blackhat hackers, and other such online criminals. Because of their design, some social networks, such as Instagram, are fairly one-dimensional in the types of scams a cybercriminal can carry out on them.

In this article, we want to show how you can identify a fake online profile, and avoid any of their scamming attempts. Others such as Facebook are more feature rich, and provide more ways for a scammer to defraud you.

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