Dating my daugher

She said "Oh, are we having a little Maggie May from down the way?

"'Carrie-Anne got the idea of setting up a 'gender reveal' by looking on social media.

When our 1st was born we asked all the time if she wants to spend time with him and she always said no.

This baby will be her first grandchild :) My MIL never ever tries to see our kids ages 1 and 3.

You want to open the door and have them rush into your arms and cover you with kisses.

This is the moment a foul-mouthed grandmother who thinks 'girls are bitches' spoils a baby's gender reveal - by announcing with disapproval that it was a 'f**king girl'.

Carrie-Anne Sanca used a balloon filled with pink confetti to give her mum the 'same moment' she found out she was having a girl for a gender reveal on October 1 after seeing the idea online.

Here are some of the things you shouldn't do and topics you should avoid: Don't talk about... My daughter-in-law refused to play the “What Are You Going to Name the Baby?

“She said she didn’t want a party,” my friend Anne reminded me later. So how do you avoid conflicts with your daughter-in-law?

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