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The right to possess the tags is passed from family member to family member.

If someone is unable or uninterested in fishing, they have the right to allow someone to “fish on their tags,” which means they must be present while the fishing occurs.

By the time this first legislation passed in 1983, Calvin had three children of his own: Danny, ten at the time; a sister Kelly; and younger brother Paul.

All three followed in their father’s footsteps, and even as more restrictive state and federal legislation went into effect over the years, Danny, Paul and Kelly are still fishing today.

Each red bag (as seen at Nick Havens’s feet) is a bushel of bay scallops.

(Photo by Tara Israel) Others catch scallops by hanging dredges (metal baskets) over the side of small boats, then pulling the dredges in by hand and separating the scallops from seaweed and other unwanted items.

Although they grew up decades apart, both Kuntz and Israel were drawn to a similar subject: the small-scale commercial fishermen who search for seafood in the Long Island Sound, using essentially the same techniques their families have for centuries.* * * I first met the Havens family when I was eight years old. They accepted me, an “outsider,” for the simple reason that I worked hard, and my mother, who had divorced, happened to be dating Floyd.By the time I was nine I was spending more time at the Havens’ than at my own house.As a teenager I was pretty much living on their couch for a couple of years, until I rented a room across from “Maggot Mike’s” diner in Amagansett for sixty dollars a month.One of the first photographs I took of the crew I worked with, in 1976. Havens (deceased), and Sam Merritt (deceased), get ready to set their net off Amagansett.

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To this day, the catching of striped bass with a haul seine is against the law.

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