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If you want to date events that occured many hundreds or thousand years ago, you have to establish extended tree-ring chronologies.

This is only possible, if you have tree-ring series from a lot of trees with differnt ages from the same region and the same tree species.

In all, dendrochronology was reported on the nightly national news twice and once on the radio.

A 20 minute special on Mongolian tree-rings is being planned for TV.

Word trickled back to the fieldweek that there was great interest in tree-rings throughout the country (Mongolians are faithful news watchers).

It is clear that Mongolian dendrochronology is growing like a Siberian pine sapling!

Dendrochronology is based on the fact that characteristics of tree rings (ring width or ring density) reflect the environmental conditions during the growing period.

With this chronology you can date wood found in glacier forefields in the same way.A traditional meal of mutton and potatoes cooked by red hot rocks in a sealed container was served.After dinner, Mongolian folk songs about birch and pine trees, rivers and the landscape were sung.The goal of the fieldweek was to introduce the science of tree-ring analysis to young Mongolian researchers using the format set by the North American and European dendro fieldweeks.Mongolian students and young scientists representing 4 institutions participated.

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