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The problem with so many photographers and only one model is that you had a very small time shooting.The lighting was organised by whoever turned up, so you cold get a bit of hands on with the setup.Hi to all I'm based in Ashford, Kent and looking to start a glamour photo group in the Ashford area.From past experience the group will be limited to 6 members at each shoot and the intention is to use a local studio near J10 on the M20, would meet on a monthly basis in the evening Any thoughts or if you're interested please either leave an open message on here or message me direct Jim Sounds interesting.The Parkwood Camera Club had arranged model nights for it's members at a local studio in Chatham in the evenings and at weekends using JSMStudios in Chatham.Typically we had a 4 to 1 ratio of photographers to models - e.g. I think a 6 to 1 ratio is a bit frustrating as you have to wait for half an hour to shoot the model if each tog gets a 5 min slot. To respond to your points:1: yes I have been in discussion with Silverpond and for 2 hours the cost would be £502: Hiring one model to work to nude for 2 hours would be close to £100 including travel as I'm sure we'll end up getting models from London so total cost to cover £150 so with 3 togs thats £50 each, 4 at £40 each and so on.3: I know what you mean about waiting your turn it does get frustrating but limiting all to 5 min turns should limit thatand before the thought enters anyones mind the idea is to shoot for fun and get to know each other not for me to make a profit of any sort Jim Quote from jaydee Thanks anthonyh I'm sure between the togs we should all be able to cobble together a list of models we've worked with but no togs no group so I thought I'd start this way Jim I have seen a lot of these group sessions come and go over the years, and getting suitable models has always been the cornerstone to success!I think these "Group Shoots" with lots of photographers are good for inexperienced photographers on a budget, but they don't represent good value for money for experienced photographers with their own lights.The way to get better value for money is: 1: Shoot the model for longer - the rate is reduced.

This minimises travel costs and you can get a good rate if you shoot the model at the location where she is staying.I have shot quite a few models in Chatham who have come from Essex, Surrey, London, Surrey as well as Kent.You may get more interest from photographers and models if the location of the shoots was nearer Maidstone.At £40/hr this is a lot cheaper on a per hour shooting basis than the evening group shoot in Ashford.2: Shoot a model who can stay in Kent for several days.

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If the group lasts a year that'll be good but hope that it will last longer Jim Quote from jaydee Thanks Tarmoo for your interest.

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