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So how do the new touch features improve typing and computing?

TOUCH SCREENS, NOT KEYBOARDS Many Windows laptops and tablets with physical keyboard accessories have long had touch screens.

No more opening Grab, navigating a menu and returning to the window I'm trying to preserve.

I've also discovered functions I never knew existed, such as the ability to highlight text in Preview with different colors.

But when fixing typos in documents, selecting email to delete and even editing photos, my trackpad is generally more precise than my fat fingers on the screen. It's also generally faster to just keep your fingers on the keys.

TOUCH KEYS Largely for these reasons, Apple has shunned touch screens on its notebooks.

This may matter less if, like me, you're a pretty good typist with a command of keyboard shortcuts.

Because I use it frequently, I made the screenshot function a default icon.

But its high-end Mac Books are getting a separate, narrow strip that replaces the top row of function keys you'll find on most keyboards.

This Touch Bar offers the same functions, but instead of hitting F11 or F12 to change volume, for instance, you tap the speaker icon to bring up a volume slider.

That means buying adapters to connect older printers, scanners and your i Phone to the new USB-C ports.

On the plus side, you can now connect the power charger on either side, depending on where the outlet is.

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