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'Yeah, you’re my bae.''If you say so,' Pinzon replies.

The channel is primarily aimed at children in grade schoo...

She identified herself as a 'dance professional.'Fishburne reportedly took up stripping and exotic dancing when she moved to Fort Lauderdale two years ago in the wake of a porn career that embarrassed her famous dad, who is best known for playing the self-possessed leader of the rebels in The Matrix.

She said in interviews at the time she thought the graphic sex videos would help her become the next Kim Kardashian and parlay the sleaze into mainstream acting gigs. The video of the DUI arrest, meanwhile, shows the trooper getting somewhat impatient with Fishburne when she appears to not understand his explanations of the relatively simple 'walk and turn' sobriety exercise.

Sherry takes some work, but some persistence, some hypno-therapy, some psychotropics and she begins to respond. Lawrence is a petty and perverted man who comes into control of a device that temporarily inhibits its victims ability to recognize fallacies in logic.

Using the device and some false logic, Lawrence proceeds to take revenge on anyone and everyone he’s ever felt has wronged him.

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The video starts with Fishburne removing her high heels as Trooper Pinzon tells her she has to perform tests to show whether she is sober enough to drive.'Hi Mr.

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